How to Find a Birth Record in Minnesota?

What Are Birth Records in Minnesota?

A Minnesota birth record is a document issued by the government that records the birth of a person that occurs within the boundaries of the state. It usually includes the names of the subject's parents and is one of the first legal documents any individual may acquire. Generally, a birth record is used for vital statistics, military, tax, and census purposes in the United States. Birth records in Minnesota also contain information on the circumstances of births. Birth registration is the only legal way for any child to own a birth certificate. Statewide birth registration in Minnesota started in 1908, and by 1915, there was general compliance.

A Minnesota birth record has two parts. One part is a legal record, while the other contains medical and private information. For all births to married parents, the legal part of the record is a public record. Mothers who are not married at the time of childbirth may choose to make the birth record public at the time of birth. In Minnesota, birth records are a legal record used as legal proof of age, parentage, and citizenship. They are also required to enroll in school, apply for a driver's license, play on a sports team, apply for a passport and Social Security. Any Minnesota birth record will contain the following information:

  • Full name of the child (record owner)
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Name of parents
  • Mother's marital status and maiden name
  • Type of birth
  • Sex of child
  • Place and date of birth registration, including birth registration number

How To Find and Request Birth Records Online In Minnesota

Interested individuals can look up birth records in Minnesota at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS). The MNHS has indexes and records of births that occurred in the state between 1900 and 1934 online. It is publicly accessible. Users must provide the given, first, and last names of the subject in the search field to look up records of births that occurred within this period.

The Office of Vital Records of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) currently has no provision for looking up birth records online. Individuals who wish to obtain a birth record online may order it from any state-approved third-party vital record provider. Requesters should note that these independent providers charge additional fees for their services.

Considered open to citizens of the United States, public records are available through both traditional, government sources, and through third-party websites and organizations. In many cases, third-party websites make the search easier as they are not limited geographically or by technological limitations. They are considered a good place to start when looking for a specific record or multiple records. In order to gain access to these records, interested parties must typically provide:

  • The name of the person listed in the record. Juveniles are typically exempt from this search method.
  • The last known or assumed location of the person listed in the record. This includes cities, counties, and states.

While third-party sites offer such services, they are not government-sponsored entities, and record availability may vary on these sites when compared to government sources.

How To Get Birth Records In Minnesota

The Office of Vital Records of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) maintains birth records and issues them upon request in Minnesota. County Vital Records Offices are also repositories to records of births that take place in the counties. Interested persons may either order certified or non-certified birth records. A certified copy of a Minnesota birth record may be used for legal use, but a non-certified copy is only for informational use. Requesters must notarize their application forms before presenting such requests.

The Office of Vital Records rejects application forms that are incomplete, not notarized, or not fully paid at the point of application. It also returns applications for confidential records or records with health information, particularly for a non-certified birth record request, if not notarized. Requesters should use the Non-certified Birth Record Application Form to apply for non-certified Minnesota birth records. To obtain a certified copy of a birth record in Minnesota, an interested party should use the Birth Certificate Application Form. The available options for ordering copies of birth records from the Vital Record Offices include:

In-Person Minnesota Birth Record Request

The State Office of Vital Records does not process in-person birth record requests. Persons interested in obtaining Minnesota birth records in person should visit their local county Vital Records Offices where such events occurred. Requesters must provide copies of their valid photo IDs and make necessary payments to obtain birth records in person.

Mail-In Minnesota Birth Record Request

Both the State Office of Vital Records and the County Vital Records Office accept mail applications for Minnesota birth records. Interested individuals must enclose in their requests proof of payment, completed application forms, self-addressed stamped envelopes, valid proof of identification, and other required documents. Requesters are encouraged to call the receiving offices to make inquiries on all documents required in order to forestall delays in processing their applications.

Where Can I Find Birth Records In Minnesota?

Eligible individuals can get birth records in Minnesota from the State Office of Vital Records and any County Vital Records Office. Minnesota birth records registered before 1900 can be obtained from the county of birth or the Minnesota Historical Society. The State Vital Record Office has birth records from 1900 to date. Requesters can either visit these offices or send mail applications.

Minnesota Department of Health
Office of Vital Records
P.O. Box 64499
St. Paul, MN 55164-0499

Minnesota Historical Society
345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 259-3000

In any instance that a Minnesota Vital Records Office cannot find a requested birth record, the office will issue a "Statement of No Birth Record Found" to the requester. Requesters can contact the Office of Vital Records by email or call (651) 201-5970 for inquiries in Minnesota birth records.

How To Get Birth Records From A Hospital In Minnesota

No hospital is authorized to issue birth records in Minnesota. Although most births occur at the hospitals, the official repository of birth records in the state is the Office of Vital Records of the Minnesota Department of Health. Copies of birth records are also available at the local Vital Records Office in the county where such births occurred.

Can Anyone Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate in Minnesota?

Anyone can obtain non-certified copies of birth records in Minnesota. Most birth records of persons born out of wedlock are confidential. Individuals requesting Minnesota confidential birth records must ensure to notarize their application forms to avoid rejection. Per Minnesota Statutes, section 144.255, subdivisions 2 and 7, access to a confidential birth record in Minnesota is restricted to the following persons:

  • The person named on the certificate if the individual is at least 16 years old
  • A legal parent who must tender a certified copy of guardianship documents
  • A parent named on the certificate
  • A person who has obtained a court order for the release of a birth certificate
  • Delegates of Minnesota programs that provide medical assistance, child support, and services

Persons and entities listed below can obtain a certified birth certificate (public) in Minnesota:

  • The person named in the certificate (Registrant)
  • A parent named on the registrant's certificate
  • The registrant's grandparent
  • The registrant's child
  • The registrant's great-grandparent
  • The registrant's grandchild
  • The current spouse of the registrant
  • The registrant's great-grandchild
  • Registrant's health caregiver who must provide a power of attorney document
  • Party responsible for filing registrant's birth record, usually a birth attendant or health professional
  • Registrant's conservator, guardian, or legal custodian who must tender a certified copy or a court order designating them as such
  • An adoption agency
  • Registrant's representative
  • Attorney (Attorney's License Number required)
  • Registrant's successor (for a case where the registrant is deceased)
  • An employee of a local, state, or federal agency who must provide their employee ID
  • A person who has obtained an order of the court for release of a birth certificate (this is different from a subpoena)

Besides completing their application forms, persons requesting birth certificates in Minnesota must provide their valid photo IDs. The acceptable ones include:

  • State identification card
  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Military ID card

How Much Does a Birth Certificate Cost in Minnesota?

One copy of a certified birth certificate in Minnesota costs $26. Reprints in the same order as the one purchased at $26 cost $19 each. Per Minnesota Statutes, section 144.226, this fee is non-refundable. One copy of a non-certified Minnesota birth certificate costs $13, while duplicates in the same request come at $6 each. Expedited request processing costs $20, excluding United Parcel Service (UPS) cost. Requesters who opt for UPS delivery will pay an additional $16 on their orders while there is no extra cost for certificates delivered by Regular First Class Mail.

All the Vital Records Offices in Minnesota charge a uniform amount for birth certificates. However, payment options differ by county. While some counties may accept credit card payments, others may not. Generally, the State Office of Vital Records accepts payment by check, credit card, or money order. All money orders and checks are payable to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Any birth certificate request sent to the Vital Records Office without proof of payment will not be processed. The MDH advises requesters never to mail cash. Checks returned for non-payment typically results in a $30 charge awarded against the requesters. Such can equally lead to civil charges against them.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Birth Certificate In Minnesota?

Requesters may get copies of birth certificates in Minnesota for applications made in person at the County Vital Records Offices the same day. Requests mailed to the Office of Vital Records takes between two and three weeks to be processed from the day of receipt. Persons who want expedited processing and delivery may have their requests fulfilled in less than seven business days. Such requesters should, however, write "Expedite" on their envelopes.

How To Expunge Your Birth Records In Minnesota

Expungement of records is the process by which such documents are destroyed from the state and federal records. Such erasures are executed in ways that make it seem like the records never existed in the first place. Most expungement proceedings happen in state courts. In Minnesota, per Minnesota Administrative Rules 4601.1400, the State Registrar is authorized to expunge a birth record that did not occur in Minnesota but was documented. However, this exempts birth records registered according to Minnesota Statutes, section 144.218, subdivision 2, for an individual born abroad and adopted in Minnesota.

How To Seal Your Birth Records In Minnesota

Once an adoption is concluded in Minnesota, the District Court in the county where the adoptive parents reside completes a Certificate of Adoption form. The completed form is then sent to the State Vital Records Office. The Office of Vital records extracts the information provided by the court to prepare an amended birth record. After this, the District Court proceeds to seal the adoptee's original birth record and other adoption documents. Minnesota sealed adoption records are closed for 100 years from the date of adoption under Minnesota Statutes 259.61, 259.83, and 259.89. Only court orders can authorize their disclosure, except they have been closed for over 100 years.

How To Unseal Your Birth Records In Minnesota

Persons eligible to access identifying information in a sealed Minnesota birth record include the adoptee (age 19 or older), adoptee's birth parents, and adoptee's adult birth siblings. Disclosure to birth siblings is subject to the consent of birth parents. Identifying information may also be released to adoptee's siblings if it is not considered the birth parents' privacy violation. An adoptee, age 19 or older, and the adoptive parents can access the non-identifying information in a Minnesota adoption record.

Any adoptee who wants to request a non-certified copy of a sealed original birth record must be at least 19 years old. The adoptee should complete the Adopted Person's Request for Original Record Information Form and submit it to the Office of Vital Records by mail. If the Office of Vital Records has birth parents' consent to disclose original birth record information to the adoptee, it will. If not, the Office of Vital Records will notify the adoptee in a letter declaring that the original birth record is unavailable.

Adoptive parents can access an adoptee's original birth record in Minnesota by completing a birth certificate application at the District Court in the county where the adoption occurred. The adoptive parent may then apply to the Office of Vital Records once the court issues an order of release.